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 +====== AR ======
 +===== Customers =====
 +Customers are entered in using the AR->Customers->Add Customer menu.
 +The salesperson is autopopulated with the current user who is logged in. Otherwise, it looks fairly similar to the Vendor input screen. Customers, like vendors can be assigned languages, but it is more important to do so because invoices will be printed and sent to them.
 +The credit limit field can be used to assign an amount that one is willing to do for a customer on credit.
 +==== Customer Price Matrix ====
 +The price list button can be used to enter specific discounts to the customer, and groups of customers can be assigned a pricegroup for the purpose of offering specific discounts on specific parts to the customer. Such discounts can be temporary or permanent.
 +=====AR Transactions =====
 +AR Transactions are where one can add moneys owed the business by customers. One can associate these transactions with income accounts, and add payments if the item is paid when the invoice is issued.
 +The PO number field is used to track the PO that the customer sent. This makes it easier to find items when a customer is asking for clarification on a bill, for example.
 +=====AR Invoices=====
 +AR Invoices are designed to provide for the delivery of goods and services to customers. One would normally issue these invoices at the time when the everything has been done that is necessary to get paid by the customer.
 +As with AP invoices, one can search for matches to partial part numbers and descriptions, and enter initial payments at this screen.
 +=====Cash Receipt=====
 +The Cash-> Receipt screen allows you to accept prepayments from customers or pay single or multiple invoices after they have been posted. One can print a receipt, however the current templates seem to be based on check printing templates and so are unsuitable for this purpose. This presents a great opportunity for improvement.
 +====Cash Receipts for multiple customers====
 +The cash->receipts screen allows you to accept payments on all open customer invoices of all customers at once. One could print (directly to a printer only) all receipts to be sent out if this was desired.
 +=====AR Transaction Reporting=====
 +The AR Outstanding report is almost identical to the AP Outstanding report and is not covered in any detail in this document.
 +====AR Transactions Report====
 +This is almost identical to the AP Transactions Report.
 +If a customer's PO has been associated with this transaction, one can search under this field as well.
 +====AR Aging Report====
 +This report is almost identical to the AP Aging report, with the exception that one can print up statements for customer accounts that are overdue. One more application is to calculate interest based on balance owed so that these can be entered as AR transactions associated with the customer.
 +=====Customer Reporting=====
 +These reports are almost identical to the AP Vendor reports and are not discussed in these notes.
 +**Next:** [[:Projects]]
 +//(First version from: An Introduction to SQL-Ledger by Chris Travers, 2006)//
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