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Certifying SQL-Ledger fo SAF-T

We are currently helping EMSALO ( certify SQL-Ledger in Portugal. We intend to document this process and share all the gathered information to help others who might need to go through a similar process. Since the Portuguese law in question is based on European law, this might soon expand to other European countries as well.

a.) Here is an English translation of the Portuguese law in question:

Decree-Law 58/200 of the 18th April

b.) PDF with technical information regarding the structure of the Portuguese Standard Audit File:

Structure of Standard Audit File

c.) Link to a demo file of the Portuguese Standard Audit File:

Demo of Standard Audit File

d.) Information regarding First Step in Portuguese:

Pedido de Certicação de Software

e.) Information regarding First Step in English:

Request certication Software

f.) Other links:

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