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Interested in becoming an SQL Ledger ERP-consultant?

If you are interested in joining our network please consider to become an ERP-consultant for SQL Ledger yourself.

There are various ways of generating some extra income:

The General Public Licence under which SQL Ledger is licenced does not only grant you the right to share the software - it is also possible to sell the product.

Some other ERP-vendors charge a partnership or reseller fee which needs to be paid annually. With us there are no such fees. We are a non-profit organization in the spirit of free software and you only need to pay if you would like to have voting rights at the annual conference where the future of SQL Ledger is being discussed.

As far as your service portfolio is concerned you might want to offer hosting, training, adaptation of LaTeX templates, migration support, importing legacy data, administration of the SQL Ledger servers etc.

Some arguments which will help you selling SQL Ledger

  • Web-based - No matter if you are running on the Internet or in your company's Intranet. SQL Ledger fits the bill.
  • No Licensing fees - Some vendors charge a per-seat license for their products - Not with us! Patches and updates are also provided free of charge and the open source nature of SQL Ledger's components will enable a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Constant Development - The free software nature guarantees that the code will never disappear and constant development becomes possible which results in a future for the product.
  • Open and free standards - From the programming language to the database server - every component is free software.
  • Cross-Platform - Deploy on Windows, Linux and even Macs or use them as clients to access the SQL Ledger instance.
  • Our Network - Worldwide community of service providers working together to supply you with the best of our work on the same free terms. So, no so-called Home&Student or Professional editions. Our best work for everyone.
  • Interfaces with other Open Source programs - Planning a letter-based marketing campaign? Using the free Postgres driver and LibreOffice's bulk-mailing feature can save you a lot of time. CSV interfaces also ensure that you can import legacy data.
  • Point of Sales - Working in Retail? Add a cash register to your SQL Ledger system and print out receipts using your printer.
  • Using consolidated structured relational data and combining them into reports business transparancy and productivity are improved. Also speed of operations is enhanced: You can send out invoices directly in PDF-format or make phone calls using a VoIP right out of SQL Ledger with a mouse click to dial. This also improves telesales operations.
  • Several charts of accounts - any more coming!
  • Tied-In - Orders directly affect your inventory and accounting. All integrated with little effort.
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