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What is LedgerCart?

LedgerCart allows you to instantly setup an online business using your existing SL database. You just drop the cgi scripts into your webserver, install few cpan modules, configure your db connection and you are ready to go.

There are two more things which you might need to do to enhance your store:

(a) Add item descriptions. These are displayed on product detail page and are stored in item notes. (b) Add item images. LedgerCart automatically creates thumbnails and shows full image on item detail.

Both of these steps can be performed in the LedgerCart admin mode.

Visitors can now add items to their cart and checkout with their billing and shipping address. Existing customers can login with their email address and place order to their existing account.

Screen shots from LedgerCart


No payment gateways support yet.

Using LedgerCart as an online store

LedgerCart can instantly turn your SL installation into an online store with little or no effort. Customers can place order using the familiar shopping cart interface.

Your existing customers can generate a new password using 'Forgot password' feature.

Using LedgerCart as Self service portal

LedgerCart can be used to serve as a self-service internet portal just like the self-service internet banking.

Your customers can view:

1. Their orders summary, order details and status

2. Invoices summary and details

3. Statements (payment summary and detail)

Installation overview

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