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 +====== Projects ======
 +===== Project Basics =====
 +A project is a logical collection of AR and AP transactions, orders, and the like that allow one to better manage specific service or product offerings. SQL-Ledger does not offer comprehensive project management capabilities, and projects are only used here as they relate to accounting. One can also add translated descriptions to the project names as well.
 +===== Timecards =====
 +Timecards allow one to track time entered on specific services. These can then be used to generate invoices for the time entered.
 +The non-chargeable is the number of hours that are not billed on the invoice.
 +One can then generate invoices based on this information.
 +The project field is not optional.
 +===== Projects and Invoices =====
 +One can select the project id for line items of both AR and AP invoices. These will then be tracked against the project itself.
 +===== Reporting =====
 +===Timecard Reporting===
 +The Timecard Report allows one to search for timecards associated with one or more projects. One can then use the total time in issuing invoices (this is not automated yet).
 +=====Project Transaction Reporting=====
 +The Standard or GIFI options can be used to create different reports (for example, for Canadian Tax reporting purposes).
 +This report brings up a summary that looks sort of like a chart of accounts. Of one clicks on the account numbers, one can see the transactions associated with the project.
 +=====List of Projects=====
 +This provides a simple way of searching for projects to edit or modify.
 +======Possibilities for Using Projects======
 +One can use them similar to departments for tracking work done for a variety of customers.
 +One can use them for customer-specific projects, such as this training.
 +**Next:** [[:Quotations and Order Management]]
 +//(First version from: An Introduction to SQL-Ledger by Chris Travers, 2006)//
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