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 You should get the following output:     You should get the following output:    
     SQL_ASCII_database_dump.sql: ISO-8859 text     SQL_ASCII_database_dump.sql: ISO-8859 text
-Then you convert your ISO-8859 file to UTF8 by typing:+Then you convert your ISO-8859 or CP1250 file to UTF8 by typing:
     cat SQL_ASCII_database_dump.sql | recode iso-8859-1..u8 > UTF8_database_dump.sql     cat SQL_ASCII_database_dump.sql | recode iso-8859-1..u8 > UTF8_database_dump.sql
 +    iconv -f CP1250 -t UTF-8 <Non-ISO-extended-ASCII-FILE.sql >UTF8_database_dump.sql
 Check the result by typing: Check the result by typing:
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