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 +====== User Account and Database Administration Basics ======
 +      ​
 +These functions are accessed by going to the script in the installed directory of SQL-Ledger.
 +===== Companies and Datasets =====
 +SQL-Ledger stores its information in locale-specific data sets. When a dataset is created, it sets various defaults such as currency, a basic chart of accounts setup, and so forth. Note that the default setup is for Canada, where the author of the software resides.
 +Datasets are generally tracked as PostgreSQL databases. The application is designed with the idea that each dataset will represent exactly one company. If a customer is working with multiple companies, he/she must create a dataset to for each.
 +===== How to Create a User =====
 +Users are created by going to the page and clicking on "Add User." One then fills out the form and when it is saved, the user is created.
 +===== Permissions =====
 +The permissions system is not rigorously enforced within SQL-Ledger, in the sense that the permissions API is generally not used in the application itself. Instead permissions are used to enable/​disable menu options. Setting an enforcement of such permissions would require some custom programming at the present time. Most organizations,​ however, find that the current system is adequate.
 +The checkboxes which are marked enable menu entries. Those that are unchecked disable those entries on the menu.
 +===== User Account Types =====
 +  * User is a general user of the system
 +  * Managers often are able to see a larger amount of data
 +  * Administrators have full access to the system
 +===== Other Features =====
 +  * Lock System allows one to lock users out of the system while maintenance is performed. This is only necessary during upgrades or maintenance which results in the RDBMS being offline.
 +  * Change Admin Password.
 +  * Logout terminates the admin session.
 +**Next:** [[:Chart of Accounts]]
 +//(First version from: An Introduction to SQL-Ledger by Chris Travers, 2006)//
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