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General Assembly / Current Session (8th)

of the International SQL-Ledger Network Association, based in Stäfa, Switzerland.

  • Date: Sunday 26th of August to Saturday 8th of September 2018
  • Place: Circular Resolution, Internet
  • Chairman: Sebastian Weitmann
  • Agenda and Minutes: Thomas Brändle


  • Opening of the session by the chairman of the General Assembly
  • Assessment of the quorum
  • Annual report 2017
  • Financial report 2017
  • Discharges
  • Assessment of Membership fee 2018
  • Declaration of Budget 2018
  • Election of Board and Auditor
  • Other issues

Opening of the session

The chairman welcomes all the active members and requests them to enter their votes directly at the bottom of this report.

Assessment of the quorum

The chairman acknowledges that all active members have been invited, within the period stipulated in the articles of association, to participate at this years General Assembly. The invitation was sent out by email on the 25st of May 2017.

Annual report 2017

During the year;

  • the board has maintained the Association website;
  • the board has consistently supported the maintenance and further development of various SQL-Ledger Versions;
  • the board has prepared for and enabled Armaghan Saqib's next visit to Europe which was realized in February 2018.

Financial Report 2017

The total income in 2016 was CHF 6'957.60 and the total expenses were CHF 3'119.19. On the 31st of December 2017 the International SQL-Ledger Network Association held a total of CHF 17'740.85 at the Postbank in Bern and had liabilities amounting to CHF 7'294.24.

The existing funds were used according to budget and the Association was able to meet all its financial obligations.

The Annual Report and Financial Statements as of December 31st 2017 can be downloaded here.


The board was granted relief unanimously and without abstention.

Assessment of Membership fee 2018 for active members

The membership fee for natural persons shall be 500 CHF per year whereas the membership fee for corporate bodies shall be 2'500 CHF per year.

Declaration of budget 2018

The Assembly declares that the annual budget should be based on the income of the Association and primarily be used for the further development of the SQL-Ledger project and for the execution of the its yearly Network Conference.

Election of Board and Auditor

  • Armaghan Saqib is re-elected for 3 years (until 2020)
  • Sebastian Weitmann is re-elected for 3 years (until 2023)
  • Theo Richter is elected auditor for 1 year (until 2019)

Other issues

No requests regarding other issues have been received from the members.

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