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Please enter your name and e-mail address:

 1. Name: <Enter data>
 2. E-mail address: <Enter data>

Programming > Check if e-mail address format ok and if so send e-mail with link to continued questionnaire as follows:

Please enter your personal details:

 3. Login: <Enter data>

Programming > Check if login already exists and if so write

“Login already exists!” + “Please try again…” and go back to 3.

4. Password: <Enter data> and repeat

Programming > Check if passwords match and if not write “Passwords don't match!” + “Please try again…” and go back to 4.

Programming > Create user by saving entered data in sql-ledger/users/members and sql-ledger/users/*name*.conf bildschirmfoto_2022-07-05_um_13.53.08.png

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