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  • Perl, 5+
  • HTTP server
  • SQL database
  • Perl DBD
  • Perl DBI


  • Linux
  • Perl 5.10.1
  • Apache2
  • PostgreSQL
  • Perl DBD-Pg
  • Perl DBI
  • LaTeX
  • CUPS
  • Postfix

Download sources



Download from Github (all versions from 2.6.0 onward)

Download from

Community Version (based on Ledger123) Download from Github

Installation Instructions

Instructions for SQL-Ledger can be found here

Instructions for Ledger123 can be found here

Other documents regarding the Enhanced Version:

Existing installation

To connect an existing installation with a repository on Github, update it manually to the most recent version, move to the sql-ledger directory, then type:

  git init

For the original SQL-Ledger, enter

  git remote add origin git://

or for the Community Version:

  git remote add origin git://


  git fetch
  git branch --set-upstream master origin/master 

Now your installation is connected to the repository and you can update it with:

  git pull
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