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Request certication Software - Call for conformance testing

Within the accreditation provided the software for billing and similar , provided for in nr . 9 Article 123 of the Tax Code Income Collective and regulated by Ordinance nr.363 \ 2010 of June 23 , we saw under Article 59 of the General Tax Law , for the purposes of nr . 3 of Article 5 of the Ordinance , requesting V. Exa it until next December 2, 2013 , referring to the e-mail address the following elements :

1. A direct contact telefónco for later scheduling of classroom section of conformity tests to be carried in our parasites at Avenida Duque de Avila , nr amenities . 71 , in Lisbon .

2 . A ( s ) public key submitted with the declarations Model 24 that received the following numbers: 123456

3 . Information on the type of application ( emits , invoices and shipping documents or only transport documents ) , and also is kind of Open Source .

4 . A sample set of documents issued in accordance with the type of application , in PDF format , with the message : “ Processed by program certificate No. ….. ” ( notionally that the certificate has 9999/AT paragraph ) , as well as the extract the corresponding key document ( Hash ) .

5 . The documents provided must comply with the following characteristics :

5.1. Should be of two kinds different accounting periods [ fields ; . . or , relating to the accounting period (Period ) ] ;

5.2. A simplified invoice ( Article 40 of the CIVA ) for a client who provided your Tax ID number ;

5.3. A bill ( Article 36 of the CIVA ) canceled ( if the application allows it ) and its PDF in the record, visibly, that the document is canceled , not forgetting the record in the database of the application and on the fields of the SAF -T ( PT) ;

5.4. A susceptible document to be delivered to the customer for the transfer of goods or provision of services , conference if the application permits ;

5.5. An invoice based on the document issued in 5.4. ( should generate OrderReferences element) ;

5.6. A credit note based on paragraph 5.5 of the invoice ( must generate the References element ) . If not complied with the above shall create a credit note on another document ;

5.7. An invoice with 4 product lines being that the 1st line should contain a product at a reduced rate of VAT , the 2nd must contain a product free of VAT ( should generate TaxExemptionReason element) , the 3rd must contain a product the intermediate rate and 4th product shall be subject to the standard rate ;

5.8 . A document with 2 product lines ( larger than 1 amounts): 1st line should be a discount line and still be awarded an overall discount the document (if the application allows it, ie it must generate SettlementAmount element) ;

5.9 . A document in a foreign currency ( if the application permits) ;

5.10. A document to a client identified but did not indicate the NIF , with only one line of 1,000 units at a price of 0.0001 and the value of SystemEntryDate lower at 10 o'clock in the morning ;

5.11. A document to an identified customer ( different) but that also did not indicate the NIF ;

5.12. Two waybills or transport, being valued and not another , if the application permits ;

5.13. A budget if the application permits ;

5.14. An example of all the other different types of document issued by the application and not even provided in the preceding paragraphs , if applicable .

Note : On the lines of the documents the UnitPrice field should be without tax and reflect the discount online discounts and global ( cabeçcalho ) and may be required to minimize the differences ( eg 4 or 6 home) decimal places .

6 . An xml file SAF -T ( PT) for each application to be certified , manufactured in accordance with the structure introduced by Decree No. 274/2013 of 21 August, which shall contain all such documents and have the fields ( 4.1 .4.4 , . . or ) duly completed on the Key Control ( HashControl ) meeting the requirements of Ordinance No. 363/2010 of 23 June.

7 . The requested file must be previously validated the tool available at:

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