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Translating and localizing SQL Ledger

SQL Ledger has its origins in the Canadian market but has been localization-ready so the user interface can be shown in different languages. There are already a lot of language packs available and contributions to increase the language count are very welcome.

Here is how to do it

We do not use .po-files and translation memory systems and CAT are not required. All you need is a text editor (notepad in Windows or your favourite editor in Linux).

Please make sure that you check out our latest source code. We mainly rely on git to distribute our sources so make sure you have git installed.

You can get the source code from this using this command once git is installed

git clone ledger123

This creates a ledger123 directory with all files included. Change to the locale directory in this subdirectory.

You will see a list of other subdirectories with their country codes and encoding. Change to the directory of the language you would like to work on.

For Spanish (UTF-8) for example

cd locale/es_utf

Once you are inside that directory run the Perl script to see what is missing and how much (percentage) has already been worked upon.

perl -a

At the moment Spanish is at: Spanish UTF-8 - 49.9%

Once you take another look at the directory contents you will notice that some .missing files have been created. Open them each individually in your favourite text editor. From there just add the missing text strings after the ⇒ note inside the quotations.

Then run

perl -a

to have them inserted in the main translation files.

Submitting your translations

The author of this tutorial doesn't really know about pushing these files back into the main git-repository but this is definetely possible. Please consider packing up the files in a tarball/zip-File and submit them to our mailing list or one of the SQL Ledger authors.

We really appreciate your efforts in making our software available to your local audience and wish you happy translating and hope that SQL Ledger consulting might be added to your service portfolio.

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