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Upgrading from version 2.8 to 3.0

Start by making a backup of all your data.

The default SQL-Ledger Network Version (ledger123) GitHub ’master’ branch runs version 2.8.

1. To switch to version 3.0 (release 3) run the following command:

git checkout -b rel3 origin/rel3

2. edit the members file and add the name of the dataset to every login so the logins are 'login@dataset'

3. make a copy of the section of one user and change the login to 'admin@dataset'

4. create a directory with the same name as the dataset in the spool and templates directory

5. move the private templates to the dataset directory

6. move the spoolfiles to the dataset directory

7. copy the following template to your dataset directory

 $ cd sql-ledger/templates
 $ cp Default-payslip.tex dataset/payslip.tex
 $ cp Default-barcode.tex dataset/barcode.tex

8. Run the following command to update the database tables:

su postgres -c "psql -U postgres yourdatabasename < /var/www/ledger123/sql/Pg-custom_tables.sql" 

9. login as 'admin' and set a new password

10. set up printers in System → Workstations

Note: replace 'dataset' with the name of your dataset.

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